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Realty Partners Has
Innovated A True Partnership
Marketing & Business Concept,
Including The Industry’s First
True Profit Sharing and
Equity Ownership Program!

Your Real Estate Business

We want our agents to succeed at the highest level and keep more of their hard earned money!

At Realty Partners we have created a very unique agent-centric business model that minimizes your fees by eliminating transaction, technology, E&O and other junk fees. We have a simple, low annual expense CAP, with a true 100% option.

Our services are all-inclusive and we provide our agents with best in class technology solutions at zero additional cost, easily valued at over $1,500/month. As a result you will not only keep a lot more money in your pocket, but you also save a significant amount of money, money which you can in turn invest in yourself and your business.

Finally we have a company lead generation program at zero cost to you, to help you grow your business.

Here is a brief overview of just some of the value you will receive when you join Realty Partners:

  • Commissions Inc (CINC) IDX  Solution
    CINC is the nation’s leading provider of IDX and Lead Management solutions to the top agents in the industry. As a Realty Partners agent you will receive full benefit of this $800/mo/+ solution at no additional cost. In additional the the most advanced back-end lead management platform, you will also get your very own IDX lead generation web site, including the ability to create custom searches for your own marketing campaigns. There is simply no better IDX solution than CINC.
  • CirclePix PixMarketing & PixSocial
    This amazing suite of tools will allow you not only to super-charge your listing marketing and exposure, but also to put your social media marketing on auto-pilot, and even if you do not have any listings of your own, you can leverage our company listings to create additional lead generation for yourself on auto-pilot. Retails for $199/month – free to you.
  • Email, Google Apps and more
    Gmail / Google Apps for Business login account with 30 GB of storage, Google Drive & Team Site. We also provide a dedicated voice number, fax number and fax service, as well as eSign service to all our agents.
  • DotLoop Document  & Transaction Management
    You will receive a complimentary DotLoop Premium account, which includes complete forms and transaction management and electronic signature / e-sign solution.
  • Workplace by Facebook
    Workplace is our Intranet Platform and messaging system that allows you to quickly locate resources, training, coaching, communicate with other team members, real time access to your broker and so much more. Realty Partners was the first real estate company outside of Silicone Valley to partner with Workplace.
  • Rebus University All-Access
    Pat Hiban’s RebusU is one of the leading, if not the leading provider of training and coaching to top agents. Realty Partners provides its agents with access to their entire RebusU curriculum free of charge ($2,997 value).

Here is a complete list of our all-inclusive benefits provided to all agents:

  • Free CINC IDX Website ( supported)
  • Free DotLoop Transaction & Document Management Solution
  • Free Training & Coaching, both online and in-class including RebusU All-Access
  • Free Workplace by Facebook Intranet Platform and Unified Messaging Solution
  • Free Google Apps Application Suite
  • Free Dedicated/Personal Phone & Fax
  • Free eSignature and Forms Libraries via DotLoop
  • Free Business Cards & Name Tag
  • Free ListHub Pro Pro Account
  • Free RealSatisfied Account
  • Free Social Media Marketing for your Listings
  • 7 Days/Week Broker Support, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Free Company Lead Generation Program
  • Turn-key account setup and technology configuration for your domains, websites, etc as part of our onboarding process

Ownership & Profit Sharing

Realty Partners has created the Industry’s first true equity ownership and profit sharing plan.

55% of the parent company (Realty Partners International, LLC (RPI), and all of its subsidiaries) is structured to be owned by the agents and team members via 4 Membership (or shareholder) Classes, corresponding to the 4 levels of the Partnership Plan. Subsequently, 55% of corporate profits are distributed to those 4 Membership Classes, shared by qualified team members. This allows you the opportunity to share in both the ownership and profits of all local brokerage offices and profit centers as well as any other current or future RPI subsidiaries, including title, lending and other service providers as they may come online. 

The RPI Partnership Plan

There are 4 levels of achievement and participation in the RPI Partnership Plan, and once you qualify and maintain your qualifications for 5 consecutive years you will be considered vested and at that time become an actual Member and Equity Holder.

You qualify by generating revenue for Realty Partners. This includes your monthly fee, the broker-split on commissions generated towards your CAP.

As you advance through the levels you also maintain your share in the previous (or lower) Membership Class. I.e. a Sr. Partner maintains a share in each of the 4 Classes.

  1. Associate
    Share: Associates / Associate Members share in 5% of RPI’s ownership and earnings
    Qualify: Generate $7,500 per year, together with your Personal Group*
  2. Jr. Partner
    Share: Jr. Partners / Jr. Partner Members share in 10% of RPI’s ownership and earnings
    Qualify: Generate $30,000 per year with Personal Group*
  3. Partner
    Share: Partners / Partner Members share in 15% of RPI’s ownership and earnings
    Qualify: Generate $60,000 per year with Personal Group*
  4. Sr. Partner
    Share: Sr. Partners / Sr. Partner Members share in 25% of RPI’s ownership and earnings
    Qualify: Generate $150,000 per year with Personal Group*

* Personal Group = You plus all agents you personally refer to any Realty Partners office.

Retirement Plan

Once you achieve any position within the RPI Partnership Plan and maintain that qualification for 5 consecutive years you are vested for life in that position and your Membership Class equity share will vest permanently, and therefor will continue to receive the corresponding bonus pool share – regardless of whether or not you remain with Realty Partners. Once your Membership Interest/s is/are fully vested you may also sell or transfer those shares, subject to the RPI Company Operating Agreement.

You can retire and continue to reap the benefits for the contributions you have made to Realty Partners for the rest of your life, and even pass on the benefit to future generations.

Survivor Benefit

Should an agent pass away before they have vested, then their most current rank qualifier will vest immediately and pass on to their heirs.

Residual Income

The Realty Partners Revenue Sharing Plan is designed to allow agents to generate immediate weekly residual income for sharing Realty Partners with other agents and referring agents to Realty Partners.

We utilize a binary program, and you only need to refer 2 agents to Realty Partners to qualify for weekly revenue sharing income. For those who are ambitious and motivated, and contribute the most to Realty Partner’s growth, the Revenue Sharing Plan offers a significant 6 to 7 figure income opportunity, along with a 5 year vesting plan and survivor benefit, creating an additional residual retirement income stream.

Revenue Sharing Plan Overview:

  • 10% to infinity paid on “weak leg” volume
  • Paid weekly on actual volume generated by agents
  • Leadership Bonus of 10% on personal referrals
  • Opportunity to earn up to $25,000/week
  • Earnings paid up to weekly maximum/cap based on Profit Sharing Qualifier:
    • $1,000/week – If no Profit Sharing Qualifier
    • $2,500/week – Associate
    • $5,000/week – Jr. Partner
    • $10,000/week – Partner
    • $25,000/week – Sr. Partner

Virtual Team Bonuses

As part of the Revenue Sharing Plan we have created a number of achievement levels with corresponding incentives and bonuses – specifically rewarding those who help spread the word about Realty Partners.

Realty Partners is majority owned by its agents & associates, and therefore we reward those who help drive our growth.

Achievement Levels & Qualification

  • Team Leader
    2 active personally sponsored REALTOR® Agents plus $5,000 PGV* – $500 Team Leader Bonus
  • Promoter
    5 active personally sponsored REALTOR® Agents/1 Team Leader (min. 1 on each side) plus $10,000 PGV* – $1,000 Promoter Bonus
  • Executive
    5 active personally sponsored Team Leaders (min. 1 on each side) plus $25,000 PGV* – $2,500 Executive Bonus + Mercedes Car Bonus
  • Star Executive (1-4)
    1 star for each personally sponsored Executive – $5,000 – $10,000 Bonus for each Star
  • Director
    5 active personally sponsored Executives (min. 1 on each side) – $25,000 Director Bonus
  • National Director
    1 active, personally sponsored Director – $50,000 ND Bonus, plus 1% ND Bonus Pool
  • Ambassador
    2 active, personally sponsored Directors (1 on each side) – $100,000 Amb Bonus, plus 1% ND & 1% Amb Pool

*PGV = Personal Group Volume (cumulative, lifetime volume generated by yourself, plus anyone you personally referred to Realty Partners)

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